Space Guide

What size do I need?

Woman Moving BoxesIf you are still not sure, stop by or call us and our professional staff with walk you through the process. We will recommend the right-size space and give you suggestions on maximizing the space in your storage unit.

At 1800 Warehouse, you will find a variety of storage spaces ranging from 5x8 foot interior units to 36x23 triple bays. No matter what size you choose, you will be the only one that has the key to your lock!


Mini Storages $75 per month 5W x 8L = 40 sq. ft.
Mini Storage: $100 per month 8L x 10W = 80 sq. ft.
Single Unit: $575 per month 2W x 23L = 276 sq. ft.
Double Unit: $1,150 per month 24W x 23L = 552 sq. ft.
Triple Unit: $1,725 per month 36W x 23L = 828 sq. ft.
Quad Unit: $2,300 per month 48W x 23L = 1,104 sq. ft.
Big Unit: $2,722 per month 1,361 sq. ft.
Big Unit: $4,242 per month 2,121 sq. ft.

Our Sizes:

  • Buidlings A-F: Working bays, 275 sq.ft.
  • Buidling G: Storage units, 35-80 sq.ft.
  • Buidling H: Storage units, 1,000 sq.ft. and larger

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The Manager went out of her way to make my experience with the facility OUTSTANDING.

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